Back in the day, people assembled in the public square to discuss issues that were most important to their lives, allowing them to engage and have a say in what government did or didn’t do.

Today, Canadians are more connected than ever and ‘inclusivity’ is a buzz word. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly hard to have an inclusive discussion—particularly for working class, Ontarians.

Some groups are talked over, underrepresented or left out entirely, and, in turn, they have less political influence.n

We want to construct a place to amplify their voice, and ensure they are heard.

This is the New Square

What We Do

Working with the public and not-for-profit partners, the New Square brings working class Canadians together in an online community.

We ask them questions about their community, work and health. Then we carefully tabulate their answers and share them publicly to allow their collective voices to be heard.

In this way, they have a say in government and services that impact their lives every day

Why Working Class?

We wanted to start with the working class, as they are the backbone of much of the Canadian economy. Working class Canadians are often consumed by work and every day responsibilities, leaving less time for political engagement, but not less to say. They need to be heard.

What is Working Class?

It’s Not Just About Working With Your Hands

We define working class as meeting at least one of the following criteria;

 • Having a job that is physical

• Earning an hourly wage (non-salaried)

 • Having an annual income below $35,000

 • Unstable or Precarious work (contract or freelance)

 • Part-time employment

How It Works

You join our online panel by providing us your email contact, and answering some quick questions about who you are
From time to time, we send you invitations to surveys that ask questions about your home, your work and your health
Three surveys on each topic per year
We tally the results from your answers with others to learn what’s important to you, and we share those results with the media, giving you voice

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Heather Bastedo, Managing Director